About Foundation Medicine

Foundation Medicine (NASDAQ: FMI) is a molecular information company focused on fundamentally changing the way patients with cancer are treated. Our proprietary molecular information platform generates actionable genomic information about a patient’s individual cancer, enabling physicians to optimize treatments in clinical practice and enabling biopharmaceutical companies to develop targeted oncology therapies more effectively. The Company’s first clinical product, FoundationOne™, is the first commercially available comprehensive molecular information product designed for use in the routine care of patients with cancer.

Molecular subtypes of cancer

As the molecular drivers of cancer are better understood and more targeted therapies are developed against those drivers, there is an ever-growing need to perform comprehensive molecular analysis of tumors to determine the optimal treatment strategy for each patient. Foundation Medicine is pioneering the development of a comprehensive cancer diagnostic test that represents this critical step toward individualized cancer care by helping physicians recommend treatment options for each patient based on the molecular subtype of their cancer.

A new, cutting edge diagnostic approach

By utilizing next-generation sequencing on small amounts of cancer tissue, relevant genomic information that will help doctors make the most informed treatment recommendations will be captured in one test with greater than 99% sensitivity and specificity for alterations within all relevant cancer genes. Test results will be uniquely reported within the context of publicly available scientific and medical literature and clinical trials, integrating complex genomic research in a coordinated and easily accessible way for physicians to inform treatment recommendations.

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