Foundation Medicine’s chief executive officer, Michael Pellini, M.D., joined a panel discussion today at the BIO 2015 International Convention titled “Transforming Diagnostics With Innovative Technologies: Potential and Pitfalls.” The panel, which was moderated by Jo Natauri, a partner at Goldman Sachs, also featured Don Hardison, president and CEO at Good Start Genetics and John McDonough, president and CEO at T2 Biosystems.

Dr. Pellini focused his comments on key advances in precision medicine and the opportunities that exist within the evolving landscape of reimbursement. As innovative technologies both revolutionize and personalize how patients are diagnosed and treated, this panel provided an opportunity for us at Foundation Medicine to further inform the broader community on the benefits of our comprehensive approach to the genomic profiling of cancer. Foundation Medicine continues to present promising data demonstrating improved outcomes when patients are molecularly matched to targeted therapies. This podium also provided a relevant industry forum to deliberate the measurable steps that can be taken to catalyze and accelerate payer policies and coverage determinations for the critical molecular information solutions that will continue to inform targeted therapy development.