Foundation Medicine’s chief executive officer, Michael Pellini, M.D., will participate in a panel, “Precision Cancer Medicine: Where Are We?” at the 2015 Pershing Square Sohn Prize Award Dinner this evening, May 7, 2015. The Pershing Square Sohn Prize for Young Investigators in Cancer Research is an incredible honor for young, innovative New York-based scientists and serves as a catalyst for collaboration among scientists, academics, nonprofits, business investors, and the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. The panel, which will be moderated by Andrew Marshall, M.D., features prominent leaders in the oncology field including:

  • Jose Baselga, M.D., Ph.D., physician-in-chief and CMO at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
  • Mark A. Rubin, M.D., professor of pathology and laboratory medicine, vice chairman for experimental pathology and director, translational research laboratory services at Weill Cornell Medical College
  • Harold Varmus, M.D., the former director of the NIH’s National Cancer Institute

A key focus of the panel’s discussion will be President Obama’s Precision Medicine Initiative, which allots $215 million in the 2016 national budget for disease prevention and treatment. As noted previously here and here, Foundation Medicine has worked to advance molecular information and precision medicine in oncology since its inception, and continues to drive a profound and positive change in cancer care for patients and their healthcare providers.