Foundation Medicine’s vice president of knowledge informatics, Eric Neumann, Ph.D., joined a lively panel discussion titled “Accelerating Cancer Informatics at Foundation Medicine using SciDB” at last week’s Bio-IT World Expo on April 23, 2015. The panel, organized by Paradigm4, featured Paradigm4’s CEO Marilyn Matz and solutions architect Alex Poliakov. With much to be learned from the proper analysis of large sets of genomic data, the panel focused on applying scalable analytics to cancer genomics, and how SciDB, a database optimized for analytics, enables this kind of analysis.

At Foundation Medicine, we are focused on leading a transformation in cancer care, where each patient’s treatment is informed by a deep understanding of the molecular changes that contribute to their disease. Our molecular information platform utilizes FoundationCORE, a rapidly growing knowledgebase of genomic information about human cancers from over 35,000 real-world patient samples, and incorporates clinical data to inform drug development and enable precision medicine. Our approach requires complex analytics of robust genomics data, including alteration statistics, hypothesis testing, genomic correlations and alteration clustering. SciDB, developed by Paradigm4, is designed for mining insights from genomic, clinical, image, sensor and device data, allowing Foundation Medicine to accelerate the transformation of large data sets into biological insights.