Impacting Cancer Across the Continuum of Care

At this year’s Annual Meeting of the American Society of Hematology (ASH), Foundation Medicine and collaborators are presenting 12 abstracts that demonstrate the impact of FoundationOne® Heme across the continuum of cancer care: from diagnosis, to treatment, to contributing to the understanding of hematologic malignancies and the development of new therapies. These data demonstrate the potential to improve upon the current standard of care for patients with hematologic malignancies and shape the treatment practices for future patients through a comprehensive, single-platform approach to genomic profiling.

Helping Patients Today

For patients with limited treatment options either due to limitations of the current standard of care for their disease or because prior treatments have failed, FoundationOne Heme reveals a diverse array of clinically relevant genomic alterations associated with FDA-approved and/or investigational targeted therapies in the great majority of patients studied across many hematologic malignancies (Abstracts 1072, 1039, 3000, 3418, 704). These clinically relevant genomic alterations include ones that were missed by standard or less comprehensive testing methods and novel alterations only detectable by a comprehensive genomic profiling approach, potentially resulting in improved outcomes for patients.

Beyond an impact on treatment, several abstracts (Abstracts 704, 1072, 1039, 2984) show the insights provided by FoundationOne Heme into the prognosis and even diagnosis of many patients with hematologic malignancies. These findings may support the use of FoundationOne Heme much earlier in the treatment course and demonstrates the potential for this single, comprehensive platform to replace or enhance standard prognostic and diagnostic tests to provide a more confident diagnosis and a clear, fully informed treatment path for patients.

Shaping the Future of Cancer Care

Importantly, demonstrated positive patient outcomes resulting from treatment informed by FoundationOne Heme results serve as validation and important evidence for wider adoption and value-based payer coverage of a precision medicine approach to the treatment of cancer (Abstract 4775). These outcomes will be a strong foundation on which to build a world where comprehensive genomic profiling is easily accessible and an integral part of the standard of care for patients with hematologic malignancies.

To make that standard of care a reality, in-depth understanding of the fundamental biology of hematologic malignancies and the development of additional targeted therapies is essential. A significant number of novel alterations and other genomic insights revealed by FoundationOne Heme may lead to a better understanding of the hematologic malignancies studied and serve as targetable opportunities for new therapies that may benefit more patients and continue the progress already made in precision medicine (Abstracts 1684, 1954, 1672, 3033, 286).

This transformation in cancer care is only possible through the close collaboration of everyone involved in the treatment of cancer and Foundation Medicine is honored to be a part of these collaborations.