A key focus for all of us here at Foundation Medicine is to show how companion diagnostic development can deliver significant patient benefits, health care cost savings and value based payer coverage. On August 18 – 20, Matthew Hawryluk, Ph.D., vice president, corporate and business development at Foundation Medicine will represent our team at the Next Generation Dx Summit; a global annual event being held in Washington D.C. that brings together more than 900 diagnostics professionals to discuss improvements in technology research and development in this rapidly evolving field. The two sessions Dr. Hawryluk will speak at include:

• A problem-solving breakout discussion over breakfast entitled: “NGS-Based Companion Assay in Clinical Trials” from 7:30 a.m. to 8:25 a.m. ET on August 19 with Mitch Raponi from Clovis Oncology

• From Co-Development to Co-Commercialization: “Foundation Medicine & Roche: Joining Forces to Transform the Field of Molecular Information in Oncology,” at 8:30 a.m. ET on August 19.

A key focus for Dr. Hawryluk, and all of us at Foundation Medicine, will be to show how innovative technologies both revolutionize and personalize how patients are diagnosed and treated. This podium provides an excellent opportunity to further inform, and closely collaborate with, a broad diagnostic community on the benefits of our comprehensive approach to the genomic profiling of cancer.