President Obama’s State of the Union address last week flashed an encouraging spotlight on the topic of Precision Medicine. We believe his comments hold both the promise and the power to accelerate research and development activities in precision medicine, and to accelerate access to novel therapies for millions of individuals struggling with disease.

As we wrap up the Personalized Medicine World Congress meeting this week in Silicon Valley, we couldn’t be more encouraged that the President’s message was an important and validating echo of the words that speak to our mission:

We are leading a transformation in cancer care, where each individual’s treatment is informed by a deep understanding of the unique molecular changes that contribute to their individual disease.

The President’s comments may have made “Precision Medicine” a household term and his words placed this initiative squarely among our Nation’s top policy priorities. We expect that cancer will continue to be a key disease area of focus in this movement.

Enabling Precision Medicine Today. Foundation Medicine, since our inception, has been committed to harnessing the power of innovation to deliver the promise of precision medicine to patients. Our unique approach to comprehensive genomic profiling identifies the clinically relevant genomic alterations in each person’s tumor and informs oncologists about potentially relevant FDA-approved targeted therapies and investigational anti-cancer drugs currently in clinical trials, opening up cancer treatment options for patients that might otherwise not have been considered.

Accelerating Precision Drug Development. Molecular information is one of the most powerful tools available as we advance precision medicine in cancer. With each person whose tumor is analyzed with FoundationOne® or FoundationOne® Heme to reveal the genomic drivers of disease, our knowledgebase expands, providing ever-increasing actionable information to physicians as well as pharmaceutical and biotech collaborators. Our knowledgebase, FoundationCore™, now contains more than 35,000 genomic profiles that can be queried by our partners to identify novel targets, accelerate clinical trial recruitment and drug development, and ultimately, to further improve treatments for patients with cancer.

Supporting Treatment Decisions. To fully realize precision medicine, molecular information must be utilized in clinical treatment decision-making. Most recently, Foundation Medicine launched a portal that enables physicians to more effectively utilize the results of our comprehensive genomic profiling tests. This portal offers PatientMatch™ that connects physicians within the Foundation Medicine network to other physicians treating patients with similar genomic/tumor profiles to share treatment and outcomes information in a compliant manner and further inform treatment decisions.

Armed with molecular information, we believe precision medicine in cancer is here today, and it’s here to stay. Now, with an important mention from our President and a place among our top national priorities, we look forward to a world where more patients with cancer will benefit from speedier access to safe, effective anti-cancer therapies targeting the unique molecular drivers of his or her disease.