Foundation Medicine is a world-leading molecular insights company, connecting physicians and their patients to the latest cancer treatment approaches and making precision medicine a reality for thousands.

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Genomic Testing

Comprehensive Genomic Profiling

Our portfolio of genomic tests is the leading platform for comprehensive genomic profiling. We interrogate more than 300 genes across all four classes of genomic alterations to help understand the genomic makeup of a patient's tumor.


Molecular Insights

Valuable Insights, Actionable Options

We match each patient’s unique profile to known targeted therapies, immunotherapies and clinical trials and offer decision support tools, financial assistance, and technology solutions to help streamline patient care.

Patient Story

Dealing with cancer is not just dealing with the cancer. It’s treating the whole person.


Christine Bray, ovarian cancer survivor, shares her journey to remission after obtaining FoundationOne®, a comprehensive genomic profiling test.

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More Than Numbers

Insights, Not Just Information

Our unique knowledgebase, FoundationCore™, is one of the world's largest cancer genomic databases, with more than 180,000 anonymized patient records, designed to help researchers and biopharma companies advance precision medicine, develop new therapies, and design better trials.


Supporting Drug Development

The Preferred Partner to BioPharma

We partner with drug developers throughout every stage of drug research and development, from target discovery to commercial launch. Today, we are working with more than 30 biopharma partners to accelerate new biomarker-driven treatments.

Advancing Cancer Care

Each patient’s cancer informs all those cases that will come in the future.


Learn more about how we are advancing the field with our FoundationCore-powered data analytics platform, and our groundbreaking 20,000 patient real-world research dataset.

Gaurav Singal, MD, VP Data Products & Strategy

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Collective Advances

The Power of Collaboration

By sharing our genomic data, we empower researchers on the front lines to generate new connections and insights. Today, we proudly participate in a number of sharing initiatives to accelerate research efforts.


Transforming Cancer Care

Cultivating an Ecosystem of Partners

Every insight we gain towards better cancer care is multiplied by a hyper-connected network of physicians, biopharma, researchers, patient advocacy organizations and world-leading medical centers. Together, we are transforming cancer care.

From the Blog

Diving Deeper Into Cancer Immunotherapy Biomarkers

Phil Stephens, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer

Cancer immunotherapy is transforming the treatment landscape for many types of cancer, but identifying those people most likely to benefit from these new treatments is one of the biggest hurdles facing the field. Personalized targeted therapies have traditionally been prescribed based on the presence of single mutations – but immunotherapy isn’t so simple.

Today, one of the most common biomarkers for immunotherapy is a protein called PD-L1. Unfortunately, while patients with high PD-L1 are more likely to respond to immunotherapy, many with high PD-L1 don’t respond, and many with low PD-L1 do.

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