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Patient FAQs

Do all test results lead to actionable treatment options?

Foundation Medicine test results offer three possible options for you and your doctor to consider in your treatment: 

FDA-approved therapies: We identify approved targeted therapies or immunotherapies that may help you based on the mutations and biomarkers found in your cancer. These therapies may have been approved for your cancer type or they may have been approved in other cancer types.   

Rule out therapies: We look at hundreds of important genes to help your doctor know which medicines may not work for you.   

Clinical trials: We match your results with medicines that are currently in development through clinical trials. Talk to your doctor about which clinical trial options may be available and if you might qualify.  

Even a report with no actionable alterations can provide important information to your doctor that can help inform your treatment plan, rule out therapies that may not work for you, or confirm your current course of care. 

Does insurance cover my test?

Foundation Medicine accepts all insurance plans; however, we are currently not in-network providers with all insurance plans. If you are uninsured, or if you have insurance and cannot afford the applicable out-of-pocket cost, you have options. You can fill out a financial assistance application to help determine upfront what your maximum out-of-pocket expense might be. Payment plans may also be available. Please contact our Client Services Team for more detailed information.

In the event insurance does not cover testing, patients residing in the United States may be eligible to pay the adjusted rate of:

FoundationOne®CDx, FoundationOne®Liquid CDx, and FoundationOne®Heme: $3,500.00 

PD-L1 (Immunohistochemistry): $125.00

Do the tests apply to all types of cancer?

Our suite of comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP) tests can help deliver meaningful molecular insights across the broad spectrum of tumor types including but not limited to: 

FoundationOne CDx: all solid tumors 

FoundationOne Liquid CDx: all solid tumors 

FoundationOne Heme: blood cancers (e.g. leukemias) and sarcomas 

How does genomic testing differ from genetic testing?

Genomic testing looks at mutations in the tumor itself. Genetic testing looks at inherited mutations that are in all cells. Foundation Medicine testing is genomic testing, which looks at the mutations in the DNA of a tumor. These may have been inherited, or they may have been acquired over the course of a patient’s lifetime. We identify both kinds of mutations, but do not distinguish between the two. The mutations in the tumor are what may impact tumor growth, spread, and response to therapy.

When should I get tested?

FoundationOne CDx and FoundationOne Liquid CDx for solid tumor cancers are generally only used in more advanced stages. FoundationOne Heme for hematologic and soft tissue cancers can also be used at diagnosis, monitoring progression, and to guide overall clinical management. Talk to your doctor to see if our tests may be right for you.

How do I get a Foundation Medicine test?

Foundation Medicine tests (FoundationOne CDx, FoundationOne Liquid CDx, and FoundationOne Heme) are available by prescription only. Your doctor must order the test for you.

How long does it take to receive results from the test?

From the time we receive your biopsy or blood sample, the typical turnaround time for a Foundation Medicine test is about two weeks. The report will be delivered to your physician.

What is the process for getting a sample to Foundation Medicine?

After your doctor orders a Foundation Medicine test, they will send your tissue or blood sample directly to Foundation Medicine. If a sample is not provided Foundation Medicine will reach out to your doctor directly.

Will I get a copy of my report?

Results can be shared with the patient per request via email, fax, or mail by contacting the Foundation Medicine Client Services Team at or by calling +1 (888) 988-3639. 

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