Our Story

Foundation Medicine was founded in 2010 with a mission to bring deep molecular information to the point of care for every patient living with advanced cancer.

Who We Are

Pioneering the Future of Cancer Care

We’re an essential partner to patients, physicians, researchers, and biopharma organizations navigating the complex landscape of cancer care. Our genomic insights help guide informed decisions about treatment plans and research priorities.

Over the past decade, we’ve partnered with researchers, biopharma, advocacy organizations, government bodies, health plans, and regulators to validate the use of genomic testing in clinical care, drive awareness among patients and physicians and ultimately support broader access for patients.

The answers we provide through our testing are essential first steps in developing informed treatment strategies and accelerating the development of transformative new therapies.

What We Do

An Ecosystem of Care


We believe every patient living with advanced cancer should benefit from comprehensive genomic information to inform their care. That’s why we’ve built a powerful portfolio of comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP) tests that—via both blood and tissue samples—evaluate more than 300 genes known to drive cancer.

Our Ecosystem of Care

Better Care Today

Support Services: Offering financial assistance for qualifying patients, decision support tools, and more

Genomic Testing with Actionable Options: Offering a proven portfolio of comprehensive genomic profiling tests to deliver insights across a broad range of cancer types

Personalized Treatment Decisions: Matching patients to targeted therapies, immunotherapies, and clinical trial options

Better Care Tomorrow

Clinical Trial Design, Support and Screening: Helping biopharma run faster, more efficient trials 

Data Analysis Tools: Uncovering new insights to help accelerate biomarker research and drug development 

Target Discovery and Market Launch Support: Partnering with the biopharma industry to help them discover, develop, and distribute the next breakthrough treatments for patients 

Better Care Together

Partnerships: Collaborating with patient advocacy groups, the world’s leading medical centers, and researchers to transform cancer care 

Molecular Data Research Initiatives: The precision of our tests goes beyond technology—we’re empowering researchers to generate new connections and insights that impact patient care

Foundation Facts

Over 1 Million







Our History

Following the completion of the Human Genome Project and the launch of the Cancer Genome Atlas, Foundation Medicine’s founders envisioned a world where all cancer patients could benefit from genomic insights at the point of care, and that with a deeper, molecular-level understanding of this disease, we could fundamentally transform the way cancer is treated.

From this idea—democratizing the power of molecular information to benefit patients around the world—Foundation Medicine was born.

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