Our Commitment to Environmental, Social & Governance Practices

Foundation Medicine is committed to reducing our overall environmental impact, investing in programs that bring equity and inclusivity to our patients and employees, and continuing to lead with ethical business practices across the organization.

Our Commitment to the Environment

Foundation Medicine is committed to reducing our environmental footprint by adopting sustainable building standards, and approaches that minimize landfill waste, save energy and reduce our overall environmental footprint.

Our Headquarters

We are focused on achieving Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) accreditation for our new buildings and are committed to responsible sourcing of utilities.

Lab Waste

In 2022, we were able to minimize our waste stream, with more than 96% of laboratory waste in the U.S. diverted from landfills and treated via recycling and other reclamation technologies.


Sustain is our network of employees who are passionate about sustainability and working towards making Foundation Medicine a leading sustainable business.

Our Commitment to Inclusivity & Equity

We invest in programs that bring greater equity in patient access to comprehensive genomic profiling, give back to our local communities and cultivate an inclusive workplace environment at Foundation Medicine.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At Foundation Medicine, we believe that transforming cancer care requires a company culture where diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) is prioritized. Foundation Medicine’s DE&I annual reports spotlight our work to evolve forward-looking and integrated DE&I initiatives and our commitment to eliminating healthcare disparities. These reports highlight our workforce diversity numbers and share the voices of our employees. From our research to our collaborations, from the lab to our advocacy efforts, our internal commitment to DE&I is as important as our external commitment to our partners, physicians, and patients. You can access our 2021 report here, and view this year’s report below.

Employee Resource Networks

Through our employee resource networks (ERNs), we are working together at all levels of the organization to create sense of belonging, foster an inclusive environment, and increase equity especially in underrepresented groups. Read more about our ERNs

Supplier Diversity Program

We strategically strive to utilize an array of small and diverse suppliers to drive a competitive advantage. Through the use of these small and diverse suppliers, Foundation Medicine can align and expand to drive innovation and collaboration by building a robust network to strategically sourced goods and services. Read more about our Supplier Diversity Program

Making Cancer Care More Equitable with Diagnostics

We believe all patients living with advanced cancer should have access to genomic profiling and are committed to working across the oncology community to close existing disparities in care. Read more about our commitment to broadening inclusive access to diagnostics




Our success is driven by building a trusted and ethical corporation to serve our customers, advocates, and patients in communities around the world. To achieve our goal, we must hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards.

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