Supplier Information

Foundation Medicine (FMI) is committed to patients, and on this page, suppliers can learn how to realize business ambitions with us. FMI recognizes that suppliers are a vital link to our success. Working together, we can achieve a value chain relationship that will provide customer satisfaction, sustainable competitive advantage and long-term mutual benefit. Please read on for information about our supplier expectations, requirements and procedures to conduct business with Foundation Medicine.

What We Look For In Suppliers

  1. Quality – Foundation Medicine sets high standards of performance for itself and the products and services we produce. We expect the same from our suppliers across areas such as quality, responsiveness and service commitments. We appreciate any examples you can provide of excellence in your business, including awards and certifications.
  2. Customer Focus - We aspire to partner with companies who will extend the highest quality services goals and objectives to their customers.
  3. Cost Effectiveness - We value suppliers pro-actively contributing to innovative and collaborative efforts to achieve lower costs.
  4. Innovative Business Solutions - We seek out partners who are willing to work toward continuous improvement and more efficient products and services.
  5. Technology - We look for companies that optimize the use of technology to maintain a competitive edge and can add to their responsiveness.

What Suppliers Can Expect From Us

Information - We will provide you with as much information as possible on how our purchasing process works, as well as the specific requirements of a project.

Fair treatment - Our processes are structured to ensure equal and fair treatment to your company and encourage full participation in the purchasing and contracting process.

Feedback - We will provide routine feedback regarding performance and other business issues.

Supplier Diversity

At Foundation Medicine, we strategically strive to utilize an array of small and diverse suppliers to drive a competitive advantage. Through the use of these small and diverse suppliers, Foundation Medicine can align and expand on our goals to drive innovation and collaboration by building a robust network to strategically source goods and services. Visit our Supplier Diversity page to learn more.

Performance Guidelines

At Foundation Medicine, our procurement team develops relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) to assess supplier performance. Foundation Medicine highly values the relationships we have with our many supply partners. Our ultimate success, and that of our customers and suppliers is directly related to creating an optimized supply-chain relationship with a timely and high-quality flow of goods. As part of our ongoing commitment to excellence in all aspects of our business, we regularly measure, review and improve supplier performance. Our feedback will be shared through quarterly business reviews, or as otherwise deemed necessary by procurement.

Shipping & Receiving

Foundation Medicine's policy is to accept only goods and services that have authorization (Purchase Order) before starting services and/or shipment and receipt of goods. The Purchase Order number should always be referenced on packing slips and all invoices. If you do not have authorization from a Foundation Medicine Procurement representative, we may choose (i) not to accept and return the goods, freight paid by you or (ii) not to accept services and reject any invoices.

Please refer to our PO Terms and Conditions, and Incoterms for additional information.