CBBO Troy Schurr

Troy Schurr

Chief Biopharma Business Officer

Troy Schurr is Chief Biopharma Business Officer at Foundation Medicine. He brings over two decades of leadership experience in commercial oncology across the diagnostic and biotech industries.

In his current role, Schurr leads the company’s collaborations with biotech and pharmaceutical partners. He is responsible for advancing Foundation Medicine’s mission by enabling its collaborators to rapidly bring novel, practice-changing therapies to patients. His team supports partners in early clinical discovery, all the way through to the global approval of companion diagnostics for therapeutics. These partnership efforts also include providing insights from the company’s extensive database of genomic information.

Schurr joined Foundation Medicine in 2022 as Vice President of Biopharma Marketing. In that capacity, he established a dedicated biopharma marketing function to ensure robust education and awareness around the company’s product portfolio and guarantee alignment to customer and patient needs. Schurr also led his team to support the successful launch of new products, and the expansion of Foundation Medicine’s monitoring portfolio.

Prior to Foundation Medicine, Schurr held prominent leadership roles at Johnson & Johnson, Clovis Oncology, and Astellas Oncology. In addition, he served as Vice President of Global Marketing at ArcherDX (now Invitae), where he built the company’s commercial and biopharma capabilities and led global companion diagnostic launch efforts in both hematology and solid tumor. Schurr’s experience spans commercial and biopharma marketing and sales, extensive oncology brand leadership in the U.S. and internationally, numerous product launches, and the management of commercial partnerships.

Schurr received his B.A. in marketing and his M.B.A. in finance from Southeastern Louisiana University.