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Foundation Medicine and Flatiron Health Announce First-of-its-Kind Integration of Genomic Profiling Into OncoEMR®

Step Will Advance Precision Oncology By Enabling Greater Efficiency in Clinical Decision Making

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. & NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Oncology practices will now be able to order and track Foundation Medicine, Inc.’s comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP) tests for their patients without leaving Flatiron Health’s OncoEMR® platform, the two companies announced today.

This integration, the first of a series planned by Flatiron, will support more efficient clinical decision making by allowing electronic ordering, order tracking and receipt of Foundation Medicine’s CGP test results all within the OncoEMR platform. Almost all oncology practices use an electronic medical record (EMR) system to input, view and manage the full patient medical record in a single location, replacing a traditional paper chart with a digital one.1 EMR platforms also support clinical teams by enabling them to more efficiently order and track tests, view results, communicate treatment plans to patients and enable the completion of charting, documentation, and billing.

“With the number of targeted treatments growing exponentially, the opportunity for cancer care transformation has never been greater. Clinicians increasingly rely on genomic insights to guide clinical decision-making, and Foundation Medicine is committed to implementing new solutions that enable widespread access to CGP,” said Kathleen Kaa, Interim Chief Commercial Officer at Foundation Medicine. “The integration of Foundation Medicine tests into OncoEMR, and other leading EMR systems to follow, is just one way we’re improving our offerings to fuel precision medicine for cancer patients. The integrations will create efficiencies for oncology healthcare teams to deliver precision treatment plans based on individual genomic insights to their patients.”

"We are excited to welcome Foundation Medicine in the first of our planned CGP integrations with OncoEMR,” said James Hamrick, MD, MPH, Vice President, Clinical Oncology at Flatiron Health. “This kind of integration marks an important milestone in advancing precision medicine, helping oncologists have access to the information they need to select therapies.”

The two companies are planning similar integrations with other CGP platforms and EMRs, respectively, in the oncology space, with the goal of helping every patient to realize the benefit of precision cancer care. These workflow-streamlining integrations are being designed by clinical and product experts in partnership with oncology practices.

About Foundation Medicine

Foundation Medicine is a molecular information company dedicated to a transformation in cancer care in which treatment is informed by a deep understanding of the genomic changes that contribute to each patient's unique cancer. The company offers a full suite of comprehensive genomic profiling assays to identify the molecular alterations in a patient’s cancer and match them with relevant targeted therapies, immunotherapies and clinical trials. Foundation Medicine’s molecular information platform aims to improve day-to-day care for patients by serving the needs of clinicians, academic researchers and drug developers to help advance the science of molecular medicine in cancer. For more information, please visit or follow Foundation Medicine on Twitter (@FoundationATCG).

Foundation Medicine®is a registered trademark of Foundation Medicine, Inc.

About Flatiron Health

Flatiron Health is a healthtech company dedicated to helping cancer centers thrive and deliver better care for patients today and tomorrow. Through clinical and data science, we translate patient experiences into real-world evidence to improve treatment, inform policy, and advance research. Cancer is smart. Together, we can be smarter. @FlatironHealth

OncoEMR® is a registered trademark of Flatiron Health.

1 2019 Genentech Oncology Trend Report. 11th ed. San Francisco, CA: Genentech; 2019: 16. Available at: https:/ Accessed June 22, 2021.

Source: Foundation Medicine

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Source: Foundation Medicine

June 30, 2021