Clinical Research & Trial Matching

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Leverage our molecular information through our clinical research and trial matching services to help inform treatment decisions for your patients.

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FoundationInsights® is a secure web-based application that provides access to data within high volume institutions for research use, pulled from our FoundationCore® knowledge base. FoundationInsights lets you query your population of patients with a variety of genomic and biomarker criteria to highlight disease and gene prevalence trends.


Foundation Medicine matches patients to precision oncology trials based on genomic alterations, tumor type, and age. Our team of expert curators and genomicists helps facilitate awareness of genomically matched clinical trial options for your patients.

Our bioinformatics systems pull together basic trial information from public sources, scientific annotations curated by our expert team, and genomic findings through our comprehensive genomic profiling tests to identify trial options based on molecular match, evidence of potential benefit, and proximity to the nearest enrolling site.

Trial Matching Features


Precision Outreach

When patients with rare findings are matched to a partner clinical trial, our medical team reaches out to the ordering physician.

How It Works

Precision Enrollment

Our Precision Enrollment program identifies patients with specific biomarkers and matches them with sponsor trials using the FoundationSmartTrials™ engine.


Gather Insights

Thousands of new genomic profiles are typically added to our FoundationCore® knowledgebase per week.


Match Patients

We identify patient profiles with rare findings, match them to available trials, and arrange for outreach.


Precision Outreach

Our team of consulting oncologists reaches out to the ordering physician and provides relevant clinical trial options.


Determine Interest

The physician determines the level of interest and is connected to the clinical trial sponsor or enrolling site to pursue enrollment.


Begin Enrollment

The sponsor provides the physician with enrollment options for their patient.

We Have Even More to Offer

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