Clinical Trial Solutions

Your End-to-End Partner for Clinical Trials

Every week, Foundation Medicine analyzes thousands of samples from patients who could be genomically eligible for your trial. With patient populations narrowly defined and widely distributed, we can help connect the right trial with the right patient.

Foundation Medicine is a global molecular insights company with a knowledgebase­­ of more than 500,000 de-identified patient samples profiled and deep biopharma and provider partnerships, making us uniquely qualified to provide biomarker-driven trial optimization. We offer services to help identify new targets, optimize trial design, match physicians and facilities for participation, and screen patients for enrollment.

FoundationSmartTrialsTM leverages our comprehensive database of sequenced patient samples, extensive testing network, and outreach services to help our partners run faster, smarter trials. 


Trial Expertise

We sit at an intersection of genomics and biopharmaceutical research, combining our expert scientific team, more than 500,000 patient samples profiled, and over 65 biopharmaceutical partners.


Trial Design

With more than 500,000 patient genomic profiles in the FoundationCore® knowledgebase, partners are able to define biomarker criteria, map geographic ordering patterns, and make informed decisions about site selection.


Trial Enrollment

Foundation Medicine's Precision Enrollment and Just-In-Time programs are designed to help optimize recruitment and patient access to critical targeted treatment options.


Trial Reach

Over 20,000 providers across more than 5,000 facilities are using our reports to uncover therapy options, including clinical trials, opening the pool of potentially matched patients to a nationwide search.


This trial-site-selection deliverable leverages Foundation Medicine’s testing volume, site relationships, and geographic-based insights to identify potential sites to maximize patient identification and site selection for genomically rare patient populations.


We partner with providers who offer these specialized access solutions that leverage optimized technology to provide instant activation of sponsor trial sites closest to identified patients, reducing costs for the sponsor and speeding up enrollment rates and timing.


We offer comprehensive genomic profiling for clinical trial samples in our CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited laboratories utilizing our portfolio of comprehensive genomic profiling tests. For more information on our comprehensive genomic profiling options for clinical trials, please see Our Portfolio of Tests.  

We support genomic screening for patient access to clinical trials, retrospective analyses, as well as sponsor-initiated research studies. We offer expert follow-up analysis of the genomic data we generate, including de novo biomarker discovery.